Poll for the Dumbest Tweet of 2013

The Dumbest Tweets of 2013.

Exclusive to The Daily Tonygraph Crowdsourced research by the Twitter community.

Vote and add your valuable contribution.

And we have a new entrant to our esteemed list of dumbest tweets of 2013.

The ABC730 tweeted this

When of course we have this


David Crowe is the latest entrant into our competition. Mr Crowe believes there is more value in a single opinion poll than money spent on medical R&D. Just WOW!

Previous entrant in our competion was:



4 thoughts on “Poll for the Dumbest Tweet of 2013

  1. Pingback: Was Ten wrong to tweet a dumb question about Gillard? Yes. Yes, it was - mUmBRELLA

  2. It’s certainly a rich vein of idiocy you’ve listed there. But we haven’t even had the first episode of Q&A or the Bolt report yet. I think I’ll reserve judgement until someone lets Christopher Pyne loose to tweet his opinion of JG’s “Downfall”.

  3. “Poll for the Dumbest Tweet of 2013 | The Daily Tonygraph” ended
    up being a wonderful blog post. If perhaps it had much
    more photos it could be quite possibly even better. All the best -Reva

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