The Golden Rules of Twitter.

The MegaPhone Affair that pushed Ashbygate into the Never Never. MegaPhone Affair brought to you by the Preston Institute. Published by The Daily Tonygraph. To Megaphone or not? Are some of us missing the blaringly obvious point?

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Our Daily Tonygraph “Mirror on the Wall” says: “Just amazing that other people cannot see how wrong they are and how right we are?”


Unlike other publications,  The Daily Tonygraph does have a dedicated team of fact checkers, who do not miss or skew facts, misrepresent, distort, frame or generally have an agenda for viewership numbers, audience numbers, linkbait and regime change.

On behalf of all media in this country, we welcome a more nuanced critique of our daily work. In fact, we strongly encourage it. BRING IT ON!

Below is some of our stellar work, that critics without the necessary nuance misunderstood, misconstrued, misrepresented, distorted due to their obvious partisan blinkers.

Fourth Estate - All Care, No Responsibilities

Fourth Estate – All Care, No Responsibilities – Courtesy @Thefinnigans The Bisons

The speech that burst the press gallery’s bubble

@Thefinnigans The Bisons – Beautiful Inspiring Set of Numbers 


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