“The Twitter” Front Page

Twitter has over two million Australian users, while Facebook has more than 11 million. The Telegraph (approx) 350,000 daily sales and The Australian 123,000. Murdoch’s sad little echo chamber of Yes men!

Read Tim Dunlop’s brilliant takedown of the recent Daily Telegraph/Newscorp bizarre behaviour. News flash: Tele doesn’t drive our national debate

The Daily Telegraph looked more like some sad grandpa with a comb-over at a nightclub trying to impress the ladies with his hip moves from another era.

More great insights into News Corp by Neil Chenoweth: Murdoch’s News Corp empire turns on itself

Advertising is in freefall and there is no future strategy. This is an end-game play. Behind the news reports about Killing Fairfax, News Australia has topped itself.

The Guardian reports Tom Watson as saying the Daily Telegraph front pages show the News Corp chief learned nothing from #Leveson

DailyTerror-2 DailyTerror1          au_daily_telegraphcombover au_daily_telegraph-hacking au_daily_telegraph-hogans  au_daily_telegraphNBN au_daily_telegraph-Rupe  au_daily_telegraphsoylent au_daily_telegraph-turnbull au_daily_telegraphwilliams creep_daily_telegraph  Libs-Pamphlet-Hair Nazis-au_daily_telegraph



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