LOST – Operation Sovereign Borders in all its glory

au_daily_telegraph_nazi_bogan-heroes Baxhn2YCEAAzfG5

Abbott telling Australians about reporting on boats BEFORE the election.


Actual quotes from #MorrisonBriefing


Morrison holding up his Immigration Department Standard Issue Colonial Map of Indonesia as given to the NavyBeJk5z_CAAAH66k

BREAKING NUMPTY NEWS: Australian Navy ship lost & stuck in Artic Ice. Thought they were close to Xmas Island


LOST: One Navy Ship near Lake Eyre. They thought they were near Manus Island. #DesertShipOfFoolsdesertship

LOST: One Navy Ship in Venice. Looking for Nauru? Turn left at the Canal Grande just past Rialto Bridge.Venice

Navy Ship inadvertently LOST on the moon. To get back to Xmas Island take next right to Sea of Tranquility.


Navy Ship inadvertently LOST in Time. To get back to 2014 take the Reverse Rabbott Express via Wormholeeinstein2

Navy ship LOST by Operation Clusterf*ck Joint Task Force. 3 Star General: I said Xmas NOT Easter Island


LOST in Paris. Navy Ship given wrong coordinates by Operation Clusterf*ck Joint Task Force.


LOST in Egypt. Navy Ship sent to fight Egyptian Gee Hardy Goats INADVERTENTLY runs aground on the Sphynx.


LOST: Navy Ship INADVERTENTLY mistakes Mount Fuji with Mount Kosciuszko. All look the same to 3 Star Generalmount-fuji  

LOST: Bromance between 3 Star General and Morrison blamed for blind navigation. Blind leading the blind.


From Gilligan’s Island to McHale’s Navy to Bogan’s Heroes, this Whacko Rupert Govt has it all. #Incompetence


LOST: It took the exceptional navigational skills of our Navy to find the Wiped-Off-The-Map Whyalla.


LOST: For Christ’s Sake is an English expression not a maritime coordinate & January the month not da Rio bloody Janeiro. Christ-The-Redeemer-


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