The Fireman Tony meme started with this tweet:

and this press release:

Statement from The Leader of the Opposition

Posted on Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Earlier this morning, a crew from the Davidson Rural Fire Brigade has been deployed to Nowra to assist with fires there.
As a consequence, I have delayed my annual holiday due to start tomorrow and for the next three days, subject to operational requirements, I will join this deployment.
I have been a member of the Davidson Brigade since 2000 and was Deputy Captain between 2008 and 2009.
During my absence, the Hon. Warren Truss MP will assume responsibility as Acting Leader of the Opposition. I thank Warren for his assistance. Tomorrow he will be visiting fire affected areas of Tasmania. I urge all people living in areas facing fire risk at this time to monitor emergency messages carefully, activate their fire plans and stay safe.
9 January 2013

Mr Abbott has been a volunteer firefighter since 2000. As Press Gallery insiders have confirmed, he has never promoted himself or used it in any major way to get political mileage out of it.

This year must be different. This year is an election year.

Not surprisingly, the photo below was met with some cynicism on twitter. It appeared that the volunteer fire-fighting that Mr Abbott had been doing quietly for so long became just another photo opportunity for an Opposition Leader known for his slogans and many media stunts.


The reaction to this photo by some on Twitter was best summed up by this tweet by Mari R(@randlight).

People can be too cynical of course, but let’s not forget the context of 2 years of media stunts and the most negative opposition in history. Opposing for opposition sake even on things like the Queensland Flood levy last year to help rebuild a devastated infrastructure in Queensland.

Below is a little summary of some of the many stunts Australia had to endure from the Opposition Leader.

A lot of stunts are collated here by  Tony Abbott looking at things. Check it out. It is hilariously funny.

As it happened, it was The Daily Telegraph that got the ball rolling with the Tony Abbott fireman meme with this photoshopped effort:


Social media to old media:  Anything you can do we can do better!

Let’s not forget that News Limited and The Daily Telegraph are famous for their many other photoshop efforts.

herald_sun-thomson OjcerM7Omx

From here Dave Gaukroger with the twitter handle the @dfg77 picked up the Tele’s efforts and started the meme. Here is his Tumblr Site: tonyinthetele.tumblr.com

To continue with the fun of placing Abbott the fireman in the most unlikely hero situations,as the Daily Tele would have it, use one of the images below and create your own. All you need is an image editor that supports layers. Drop in these pics and make history.

abbotttophalf AbbottFireman abbothead Abbottrunabbotthipsterabbott on a horse

One last point:

Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive. – Elbert Hubbard

The Geek – @geeksrulz


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