The Top Toadies – The Inaugural Abbott Toadie and Sycophant Award

Skip past the intro to the bottom to vote if you prefer.


Abbott’s very first gathering of the media is an invite-only affair of conservatives who conspired to elect him! Created by the very talented Kiera Gordon @KieraGorden

Since time immemorial, people have supped with others of like mind. Ex Murdoch employees with current Murdoch employees. People who call themselves journalists, commentators, entertainers, climate scientists, nuclear physicists. Jack of all trades and master of none, except perhaps propagandists.

After an unprecedented 3 year dummy spit by supposedly mature middle aged men, the LNP has called on the party faithful, the true believers, its biggest supporters, the MSM, to celebrate the “Inaugural Top Abbott Toadie and Sycophant Trophy”


Voting is now OPEN for the Crowdsourced Social Media choice of Top Toadie and Sycophant.

Make your vote count. Tell us who you think has been most obsequious in their support for Budget Emergency,


demolishing the NBN,


reversing action on climate change 


and demonisation of asylum seekers.


Who were the biggest mouthpieces and cheerleaders for faking support for the #NDIS and #Gonski reforms? Who were the biggest enablers for the lies and rorting by the Tories?


All of the above information was freely available to focus on and publish for the MSM. Yet they chose not to challenge or do due diligence on the Opposition. Instead they wrote a blank cheque and in the process failed dismally and miserably in their democratic role.

So who did Murdoch’s Pravda Propaganda dirty work? Who excelled at pushing AWU, Slipper, Thomson, Budget Emergency, Climate Scam, Boat Hysteria etc and deliberately killed off Rorting Tories scandal which was all over social media for at least a year? Who ran 8 months on Slippergate but only 1 article on Justice Rares’ confirmation of conspiracy on #Ashbygate.  

Cast your votes.

Let us not forget that these people call themselves journalists and commentators. Their work is there for everyone to to see on Google. They can run but they cannot hide.

Vote Now!


For those who have made it this far, here is a special video by the Toadie and Sycophant Wedding Band.



4 thoughts on “The Top Toadies – The Inaugural Abbott Toadie and Sycophant Award

  1. Phoney has done a great job of identifying the ones we knew already. Where can I get a few posters of the top image. Priceless. something for posterity.

  2. Not that I’m an admirer, but whatever happened to Ray Hadley in the Toady count?

    He got my vote after that gallant effort to interview and excuse Morrison’s “inadvertent error’ on expenses claims, but then I can’t find him listed. Surely there would have been more than me vote for him.

    That said, it is an incredibly tough field, and I’m starting to think I should have voted “all of them”.

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